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Bitcoin has taken the world’s top betting sites by storm. What was once a nibịt wagering method has risen khổng lồ prominence with the best & brighdemo USA-based betting sites onboarding BTC khổng lồ full effect.

In this article, we’ll give you the rundown on everything you need khổng lồ know about Bitcoin sportsbooks and Betting Sites. We’ll rate and đánh giá all the top contenders on the frontline of Bitcoin Betting. We’ll cover crypto-centric promotions, welcome bonuses, rebates, & more. We’ll even throw in a terminology guide of the most frequently used Bitcoin Betting terms. Stiông xã around as we uncover all you need to lớn know about USA Bitcoin Betting for 2022 and how to bet with bitcoin online. 

Best Bitcoin Betting Sites


BetUS is one of the Best Bitcoin sportsbook Betting Sites for US Sports fans. Here you’ll find every spread imaginable và all manner of odds across multiple leading lineups, including NHL, NFL, MBL, và NBA betting as well as wide coverage of league events for the North American market lượt thích the Heisman Trophy, and Stanley Cup. 

The platform also has a strong range of “niche” or rather international lineups lượt thích volleyball, cricket, darts, table tennis, soccer & more. They even offer odds on top esports and online gaming events, with an additional live betting option for most major fixtures. 

BetUS has a svào focus on crypkhổng lồ betting, where, in exchange for a $100 first-time deposit, new players will get a 200% Cryplớn Bonus up khổng lồ $2500. This bonus is split between the BetUS sports betting platform (150% Sports Bonus – up to $1,875) and the casino platform (1/2 Casino Bonus – up to $625). A 15x rollover is required to lớn redeem the deposit on sports, with a 14-day window to lớn redeem the full amount. Oh, and don’t forget to lớn use the bonus code “JOIN200” when making your first deposit

Or, if you choose to go with sports alone, you can redeem the 100% Crypto lớn Sports Bonus và leave sầu the casino for another day. Similar rules apply here. You’ll get a 100% Crypto Sportsbook Bonus up khổng lồ $2,500 on your first crypkhổng lồ deposit of $100 or more. This promotion has a 10x rollover requirement on sports và you’ll need to use the bonus code “SU100CRYPT” when making your deposit on the payments page. Plus, if you refer a friover you’ll also get up to lớn 100% of their initial deposit value matched as a không tính tiền bet for you khổng lồ bet with bitcoin.

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Find the best fixtures when you open a BetUS player account. Head over lớn their homepage, select the “Join Now” button at the top of the screen, và fill in your player details including email, password, date of birth, and the state you’re in. After that, you’ll be ready lớn start betting on Bitcoin.


Bitcoin Sports Betting Welcome Bonus 100% Match Deposit up to lớn $2,500Bitcoin Sports Betting/Casino Welcome Bonus: 150% sports, 50% casinoSpecialists in North America fixtures and leaguesAll the lathử nghiệm betting news, odds, & spreads100% refer a frikết thúc incentive


Higher minimum deposit requirements

Bitcoin Betting Sites Checklist

The above sites are all front runners when it comes to world-class Bitcoin Betting. Each of them has its own mix of unique incentives, sports betting markets, & promotions. There are however a few choice criteria that set the best Bitcoin sportsbooks apart from the rest. Always bởi vì your research before wagering & make sure that your Bitcoin Betting Site meets the below criteria. 

✅ Ultra-Fast Bitcoin Deposits và Withdrawals

The single biggest perk of wagering và winning in Bitcoin has to lớn be the insanely fast turnaround times. All deposits & withdrawals run off-site on the decentralized Bitcoin Blockchain. This network is known for its incredibly fast turnaround times. Bitcoin deposits và withdrawals usually take a few seconds up to a few minutes to reflect inlớn your trương mục, meaning you never have sầu to wait lớn bet on the best and biggest markets in the USA. 

? Top Bitcoin Welcome Offers và Promotions

As you’ve seen from the menu above sầu, a leading Bitcoin Betting site should always have sầu a strong range of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency promotions waiting lớn be redeemed. Always look out for offers và incentives that will boost your bankroll và help you stay in the runnings for longer. Look for a solid Bitcoin Welcome offer, reload bonus, or any loyalty incentives relating to cryptocurrency wagering. 

The Widest Range of Bitcoin Betting Markets 

The above Bitcoin Betting Sites have all made their way onto lớn the các mục for having the widest variety of betting markets catered to lớn Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Extra points are awarded lớn those Bitcoin Betting sites that regularly update their spreads in line with upcoming fixtures, live sầu betting options, và odds on popular lineups. 

? Lochồng Tight Security 

The Best Bitcoin Betting sites should always have cutting-edge security measures in place to ensure that your account is never compromised or your personal information shared. Your chosen Bitcoin Betting site should have sầu leading security measures in place at all times. 2FA should be taken into lớn trương mục when logging in, as well as the assurance that your personal information will not be compromised. 

Tips for Choosing the Best Bitcoin Betting Site

Before choosing your favorite Bitcoin Betting Site, you should thoroughly retìm kiếm your options và know the mechanics of a site before wagering your Bitcoin. Here are some of the questions you’ll need to ask before siding with a Bitcoin betting site 

Do They Have the Right Licensing and Regulations in Place? ✏️

This is a big one. Always make sure the Bitcoin Betting Site you’re about to lớn wager money on is a fully licensed betting entity with a proven track record of running only the best fixtures, markets & odds as well as having the capacity to lớn pay out winnings punctually. Look for the disclaimer at the bottom of the site to lớn ensure they are fully licensed & regulated under United States Gambling laws.

Are Bitcoin Deposits và Withdrawal Limits Fair ⚖️

Most of the top Bitcoin betting sites will have a high ceiling on their bitcoin withdrawal limits. The last thing anyone wants is khổng lồ win big và not be able to withdraw their winnings in full due to lớn unforeseen withdrawal caps. Look for Bitcoin betting sites with lower Bitcoin deposit fees (in line with $đôi mươi to $25) and the highest withdrawal limits, in line with $100,000+ per week. 

Do They Have sầu Quichồng Player Support? 

Quick player support is crucial when you need it the most. Always side with Bitcoin betting sites with strong customer tư vấn and the fastest turnaround times. You should be able to reach out khổng lồ a team thành viên around the cloông xã via live chat, tin nhắn or phone. This is especially important when it comes lớn questions around cryptocurrency deposits & withdrawals.

Do they Have Additional Cryptocurrency Payment Methods? 

It’s good lớn side with a site that has a variety of cryptocurrency deposit & withdrawal methods. You’ll know just by looking at the options available that the betting site you’re dealing with champions digital currency & understands how lớn give sầu their players a world-class digital betting experience. With crypto lớn knowledgeable betting sites, you’re less likely lớn run into payment delays, false advertising, or hidden messages. What you see is what you get. 

Do they Have sầu Betting Resources for Beginners?

Top betting sites should have a dedicated list of resources for players who are still getting to lớn grips with the platform. These resources should cover explanations of odds, spreads, money lines, & all crypto-betting jargon. The site should work tirelessly to lớn ensure that you are as clued up as can be when it comes time khổng lồ put down a wager.

The Benefits of Playing Bitcoin Slots

Wagering in Bitcoin has the capacity lớn save you money in transaction fees, keep your details safe, boost your overall payouts, và even earn you interest as a long-term investment. Here are some of the top benefits that come with betting in Bitcoin.

The Chance khổng lồ Win Anonymously

All the best betting sites will never keep a record of any transactions made in Bitcoin & will seldom track your IP.. address. This gives players the freedom lớn deposit, wager và withdraw their Bitcoin winnings anonymously. When it comes lớn signing up, the vast majority of Bitcoin cash casinos need little more than an gmail và password for you to lớn get started and be able lớn bet with bitcoin anonymously.

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Ultra-Fast Payouts

The single biggest benefit of betting with Bitcoin is the turnaround times on deposits and withdrawals. Depending on the capacity of the Bitcoin Blockchain, it’s usually only a matter of seconds for your deposits and payouts khổng lồ clear inlớn your account. Added to lớn that, betting sites don’t charge a fee for processing Bitcoin transactions, and the fees that the blockchain itself charges are pretty much microscopic.

Bitcoin Decentralized Network

The Bitcoin network stops banks, government entities, & other financial institutions from taxing or imposing any transaction fees for winnings earned in Bitcoin. Players stay in full control of their Bitcoin và are able to track their transactions on a self-governing, decentralized network. The Bitcoin blockchain itself is a distributed, community-governed network, meaning it will never track, regulate or monitor your account details or payouts. 

Onsite Safety and Security

The Bitcoin network và others lượt thích it are safer than traditional payment methods because they code their incoming & outgoing payments with state-of-the-art encryption technology. The transactions are verified at multiple stages on their way lớn an trương mục. Also, once your Bitcoin makes its way onsite, it will be kept offline in “cold” storage, with online backup keys, meaning your cryptocurrency funds are, more often than not, safer than fiat accounts.

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If you’d lượt thích more information about the best online bitcoin slots sites, just follow the liên kết.

Find the Best Bitcoin Betting Bonuses

Let’s briefly compare the best Bitcoin Betting site Welcome Bonuses