We are only a few weeks away from our new platsize updates which introduce farming, staking & Dega Gas tokens on the Tap platform. We wanted lớn take this time khổng lồ provide a brief overview on how each system will work on the platsize & what it means for each user.

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Tap Platsize Farming

The loot farm allows users to farm Tapcoin (TTT) by depositing UNI-V2 LPhường tokens, received from https://phầm mề .

Upon launch of the update there will be four pools that users can earn TTT from.


*Pools are subject to change upon launch*

Why should we deposit into lớn the TTT-ETH UniV2 Pool?

Those who deposit TTT-ETH UniV2 LP tokens receive approximately 5X the rewards as other the other pools as well as decentralized gaming gas tokens (Dega). Dega gas tokens can can be acquired and used on the Tap platsize lớn save sầu up to 30% on gas fees — a limited supply of đôi mươi,000 Dega gas tokens will be available.

Bonus TTT will be distributed to lớn each pool at launch to lớn incentivize users. Rewards are based on a time multiplier & are issued per bloông xã. For example, the longer a user deposits their UniV2 LPhường. tokens the more TTT they will earn, simply depositing và withdrawing will NOT earn any TTT as there is no flash TTT deposits but rather automatically calculated per bloông chồng.

*Exact liquidity rewards schedule and bonus amount will be released closer khổng lồ platform update*




Tap Platform Staking

Tap Platkhung staking will be located at and allows users to stake their TTT in order lớn receive sầu TapcoinX (“TTTX”) (Currently the internal project name, name may change upon release). Users receive a proportional % of Tap Platform fees based on the amount of TapcoinX tokens that they hold.

How does it work?When users make transactions on the Tap Platform a fee of 0.35% is taken. The 0.35% fee is applied to all elements of the Tap Platkhung whether it be from game conversion, Steam in-game achievements or Tap Platsize farming.

0.25% of the fee is added lớn the TapcoinX pool & is distributed among pool users based on the amount of TapcoinX tokens that they hold propotionate to lớn the total TapcoinX amount in the pool.

0.05% is provided to the developer và 0.05% is provided to lớn the Tap Team.

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1 Tapcoin = 1 TapcoinX . Users are then able to lớn swap their TapX for Tapcoins khổng lồ realize their rewards.

For example, if two users both have 10,000 TTT equally and both of them stake it into lớn the Tapcoin staking slot. They will each receive 10,000 TTTX & the TTTX pool will hold a value of đôi mươi,000 TTTX. This means that each user (2) will receive sầu 1/2 of the fees that are entered inlớn the TapcoinX pool (Since they both chia sẻ an equal amount of the TTTX in the pool)

Can’t I deposit and withdraw to lớn receive sầu the same amount as everyone?

By staking and immediately withdrawing you will not be eligible to lớn receive sầu TTT based on the fees associated. Users will receive sầu an amount of TTTX based on the fees that were taken in during the period in which they staked, proportionate to the total.

Using the same example above sầu if 50TTTX worth of fees were taken, both users would receive 25TTTX each. However, if user C came in and deposited 20K TTT (increasing the pot to 40K TTT), & then removed prior khổng lồ any fees being taken by the pool. User C would receive sầu zero extra TTT upon removing.

Each user will be able khổng lồ see an active ticker that will display their TTTX value.

There are currently over 16,000+ registered users of the Tap Platform & we anticipate và increased growth of users once the update and strategic partnerships/sale commences. This will generate a large amount of transactions on the platform which will increase the amount receivable from the TapcoinX pool.

Tapcoin Contractual Burn

Each farming và staking contract on the Tap Platkhung activates the Tapcoin Contractual Burn. The burn contract is phối khổng lồ burn approximately 500M TTT over its course of time as a maximum of 1–2% of the burn supply will be used per month — Ultimately reducing the supply from 1.5B to lớn 1B TTT by the over of the entire cycle.

The Tap Platsize will automatically calculate the amount phối to be burned based on the mathematical average of transactions in the previous month. Any amount that was not burnt from the previous month will be rolled lớn the next month.

We look forward lớn an amazing update and are super excited khổng lồ see this brought out inlớn the ecosystem. We will continue lớn monitor much of these aspects and will provide further updates as they continue to grow and change.

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What is the Tap Project?

The Tap Project is a revolutionary blockchain project that aims lớn decentralize the gaming industry by providing gamers & developers with options and opportunities when it comes to lớn in-game virtual currencies; By allowing gamers opportunities lớn convert và transfer their in-game currencies across multiple platforms và games. The Tap plugin built for Unity và Unreal, increases discoverability, engagement, cross-platkhung play & revenue for developers using a tiered transactional revenue mã sản phẩm.

The Tap Project Milestones:

Tap N Go Rewards : Over 100K Downloads on Google Play Store20K Users on the Tap Platkhung allowing gamers khổng lồ play, games, và convert game score lớn TTTPatent Pending IPProof of Mastery Protocol3 Year Platsize Development và Strong bộ vi xử lý Core Development Team




Tap N Go Rewards: