Commissions là gì

lớn formally choose someone khổng lồ vị a special piece of work, or to lớn formally ask for a special piece of work from someone:

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a group of people who have been formally chosen to discover information about a problem or examine the reasons why the problem exists:
The government has phối up/established a commission to lớn investigate the problem of inner city violence.

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a payment lớn someone who sells goods that is directly related to lớn the amount sold, or a system that uses such payments:
a group of people who have sầu been formally chosen and given the authority khổng lồ get information about a problem or lớn persize other special duties:
a system of payment based on a percentage of the value of sales or other business done, or a payment khổng lồ someone working under such a system:
a payment to lớn someone who sells homes, products, investments, etc., which is directly related khổng lồ the amount they sell, or the practice of receiving these payments:
a group of people who have sầu been officially chosen khổng lồ examine a problem & advise on the best action lớn take:
appoint/create/establish/phối up a commission Congress appointed a commission khổng lồ investigate the causes of the financial crisis.
an official organization whose job is khổng lồ manage a particular activity, suggest laws relating to the activity, and make certain that laws are obeyed:
communications/energy/planning, etc. commission The Energy Commission announced rules that bar municipal utilities from signing new contracts with coal-fired power plants.

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put sth/take sth out of commission In Port Arthur, three major refineries were taken out of commission by power failures.
A particularly sensitive issue concerns the registration of voters and the respective roles of the electoral commission & the interior ministry.
For achieving this purpose, the commission stresses the importance of having reliable & comparable information on health interventions.
Yet despite the initial optimism surrounding it, the commission almost immediately suffered setbacks.
The commission"s own comparison of redemption values and current land prices revealed a large discrepancy.