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There are multiple crypkhổng lồ wallets in the market today, however, to find out which one of the best for your needs, you should find out more about each of them.

In this GateHub Reviews, I will take a look at the company"s background, wallet"s features and how to lớn use it. I am also going to lớn cover things lượt thích fees, customer tư vấn và supported coins.

After that, I will take a look at GateHub"s security features and answer the question "is GateHub safe?". Finally, I will provide you with a really simple step-by-step guide on how to lớn set it up và how lớn use it!

After this GateHub Review, you will have sầu all the needed information to lớn decide whether it’s the right wallet for you!

If you"re not some sure about GateHub, though, make sure lớn kiểm tra out the top-rated crypkhổng lồ wallet providers, such asLedger, Coinbase, and Trezor.


User-friendly Inbuilt payment gateway Relatively safe


Security issue in the past Lacks security - hot wallet

Table of Contents

What is the GateHub Wallet?

The GateHub platform was created in 2014 by a UK company. When it was first launched, it was built specifically for the Ripple (XRP) cryptocurrency, however, it now supports other coins too. GateHub has two main functions as it not only allows people to store their coins, but it allows people to trade them too!


Did you know?

Customer Support

The majority of wallet providers vị not have sầu customer tư vấn, however, since GateHubis also an exchange, there are multiple ways to liên hệ them. The easiest way to contact customer support is by sending an email. However, according lớn online reviews, the support team is pretty slow lớn respond.

The GateHub team are also on various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter & LinkedIn. Although the platkhung has a tư vấn team, it is important to lớn rethành viên that if you thảm bại both your authentication key & password or your funds are hacked; there is nothing that GateHub can vày.

Now that you know about the customer tư vấn available at GateHub, the next part of my GateHub review is going khổng lồ look at GateHub fees!

GateHub Fees

The first thing to consider when using GateHub is that if you are looking lớn store Ripple (XRP), you will need to lớn hold a minimum of 20 XRP. You will not be able lớn use these coins in any way, as it is simply to lớn activate your wallet. For example, if you transfer 50 XRP to lớn your GateHub wallet, you will only be able lớn use 30 XRP. This is the same system for all Ripple wallets, so there is no way you can avoid it!


Other than this, there are no GateHub fees for sending and receiving funds, other than the blockchain transaction fee. The platform makes their money from trading, deposit và withdrawal fees. You can find all the information above sầu.

So now that you know about GateHub fees, the next part of my GateHub đánh giá is going to look at the wallet’s security!

Security Overview: Is GateHub safe?

To help protect your GateHub wallet, the platform has installed certain security features. Firstly, you are advised to mix up Two Factor Authentication, which will require you lớn enter a code that is sent lớn your phone every time you attempt khổng lồ log in.

Furthermore, if you try lớn log in from a new IP address or device, you will be required khổng lồ re-confirm your email address. The platkhung also encrypts all of its data, which further protects your personal information.

GateHub can never access your private keys as they are stored on a separate server to lớn the main platsize. Although this also adds an extra level of security, it also means that if you đại bại them, you will never be able to lớn recover your funds.


However, in 2017 there was a security issue that resulted in people having their coins stolen. The GateHub centralized servers were hacked, which allowed the criminals to get away with more than $5 million in cryptocurrency. According to various users, GateHub said they would not refund the stolen funds.

The official GateHub statement about the hachồng that happened is as follows:

"No funds were stolen from the user"s wallets. GateHub discovered that a criminal had exploited a flaw in an auxiliary deposit processing service all transactions were honored in full. Truethere are claims that funds went missing but that was from personal account hacking."

This is very concerning, and it should be a reminder that no matter which cryptocurrency wallet you use, your funds are never 100% safe. Although, Ledger & Trezor hardware wallets are known to lớn be very reliable. So now that you know the answer lớn ‘Is GateHub safe?’, the next part of my GateHub Đánh Giá is going to lớn look at how lớn get started!


How lớn Set Up the GateHub Wallet

If you have sầu decided that you lượt thích the sound of GateHub, I am now going to lớn give you step-by-step instructions on how to lớn get started!

1. The first thing you need to vì is visit the official GateHubtrang web.

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2. You will then be asked if you want lớn sign in. Instead, cliông xã on the Sign-Up


3. Now you will need khổng lồ enter your gmail address and choose a strong password. You will also need lớn cliông chồng the I’m not a robot box, as well as the Terms & Conditions box!


4. You will then be shown your wallet recovery key. This is important as you will need this if you ever forget your password. You can either write it down (recommended), or you can download it khổng lồ your device as a text tệp tin.


5. Once you have sầu saved your recovery key, you will then need khổng lồ confirm your email address. You can vày this by clicking the Activate Account button in the gmail sent to you.


6. Once you sign in, you will then be told that you need khổng lồ provide more information. Unless you are a company, cliông chồng on the Individual button!


7. First, you need lớn enter your thiết bị di động number. Make sure this is correct as you will need to lớn verify it!


8. Once you receive the SMS code, enter it inkhổng lồ the box.


9. If you have successfully verified your number, click on Continue.


10. Next, you need khổng lồ enter a public username. This is very similar khổng lồ a Twitter username, however, it is used to receive sầu funds. This makes it easier khổng lồ transfer coins within the GateHub platform, as you don’t need to enter a long wallet address!


11. Now you are asked khổng lồ upload a photo! If you don’t want to, you can cliông xã on Skip, I’ll vị this later.


Your wallet is now set up! Well done! The next thing that you need lớn bởi is phối up Two-Factor Authentication. This will add an extra layer of security to lớn your tài khoản, as every time you log in, you will need khổng lồ confirm a code that is sent lớn your phone! Although you are not forced to lớn vị this, I highly recommkết thúc it!

1. Click on Enable 2-Factor Authentication.


2. You will need khổng lồ download Google Authenticator on your sản phẩm điện thoại phone, which is available on both ioS và Android.

3. Now you need lớn link your Google Authenticator to lớn your GateHub tài khoản. You can bởi vì this by either entering the Authentication Key or by scanning the QR code.


4. Now that you have phối up Two Factor Authentication, your tài khoản is more secure!

So now that you know how khổng lồ mix up your wallet, the next part of my GateHub Reviews is going to show you how to use it!

How khổng lồ Use the GateHub Wallet

Let me provide you with a step-by-step guide on how lớn use the GateHub wallet.

1. On the left-h& side, cliông chồng on Wallet.


2. You will now be shown your wallet balance, which is in Ripple (XRP) by default. As you will see, your wallet is disabled until you deposit at least đôi mươi XRP. This trăng tròn XRPhường cannot be spent, transferred or withdrawn, which means that it is a free-to-use wallet. Unfortunately, this is the same for all Ripple (XRP) wallets.

3. To fund your account, scroll down & look for your wallet address. If you already hold XRPhường then this is the easiest way as you can simply transfer the coins straight inkhổng lồ GateHub. Simply paste the GateHub wallet address inkhổng lồ the recipient field of your current wallet, sover the transaction, và the funds should arrive sầu in your GateHubtài khoản in less than a minute!


4. If you vị not currently hold XRP, you can deposit using real-world money! Alternatively, you can also deposit using other cryptocurrencies too. To vị so, click on Deposit/Receive.


5. If you currently have sầu a European Bank trương mục, click on EU BANK, followed by Connect a Gateway. Just rethành viên, if you want to lớn use real-world money, you will need to verify your identity first. Don’t worry, my GateHub Đánh Giá will show you how lớn bởi vì that below!

6. Firstly you will need to lớn enter your details. This includes your full legal name, date of birth, home address và gender.


7. Now you will need to provide some documentation. For your ID, you can either use a passport, driving license or national identification card. Enter the serial number inlớn the box & then upload the image.


8. After this, you will also need to upload a proof of address. This can either be a utility bill, ngân hàng statement, tax return or certificate of residency.


9. Once you clichồng on submit, the GateHub team will Review your documents và once they have, you will be able khổng lồ deposit funds using your bank account! The time it takes the team to do this depends on how busy they are, so be prepared to lớn wait a few days.


So now that you know how lớn set up your GateHub wallet và how to verify your tài khoản, the next part of my GateHub review is going to lớn explain how to send funds to another wallet!

How lớn Send/Receive

First, click on the Wallet on the left-hand side.After that, cliông xã on Skết thúc Payment, followed by Instant.You will now need khổng lồ enter your GateHubpassword.

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Select the cryptocurrency that you want khổng lồ sover, along with the amount.Now enter the wallet address that you want khổng lồ skết thúc the funds khổng lồ.To complete the transaction, make sure that you are happy with the amount you are transferring và then click on Confirm.

And that’s it. You’ve now successfully made your first transfer within the GateHub!