Mapping Shinhan Attm Cards With Grabpay By Moca E Ss Payments

Moca e-wallet on Grab application is a convenient electronic payment wallet for Grab users in Vietnam. This is a collaboration between Grab application and electronic wallet Moca – one of the popular electronic payment applications on mobile platforms in Vietnam.

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To activate Moca wallet on Grab app, you need to link ATM card from banks that Moca supports. After linking your wallet to the grab application, you can use your wallet balance to pay for services on the Grab app. How to activate Moca wallet on Grab you can follow in the guide below.

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How to activate Moca wallet on Grab

Step 1: First login your account to the Grab application. Then in the main interface, select the Payment section, in this section, select Activate in the Activation of the wallet section .


Step 2: Next Moca will allow you to confirm the phone number you are using to link the wallet. If that number is correct, click Confirm .

Next to moca will ask you to enter the ATM card information of the bank you are using, including card number, cardholder name, expiration date. Here I use ATM card of Techcombank bank.

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Step 3: After completing the card information, you will receive a message sent to the phone with a confirmation OTP code. Enter the OTP code and click Authenticate to confirm the link with the grab wallet.

Soon, if you link the moca wallet to grab successfully, you will receive the MOCA e-wallet link message with the number of successful ATM cards .


In addition to using moca wallets to pay for car, grab bike, grab food, delivery . you can also use moca wallets to pay your electricity, water or postpaid mobile bills with Attractive deals.

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You can see the moca wallet on grab can be a lot of convenience when you pay, besides the convenience you can also get exclusive promotions only when paying moca wallet on grab. never mind.

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