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The HUB is available via phone, email, or in-person during regular business hours to help you with financial aid, registration, academic advising appointments and much more! Email hub


To create a new application or log into your My Account page, use the personal email on your account and the password you created. To reset your password, click on ‘Forgot Your Password.’ For additional assistance, email HUB New students will need their username and ID number to log into Connect the first time. Current students that need their password reset will need to call the HUB at 732-255-0482 from 8am-5pm Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, 8am-7 pm Wednesday, and 8am-5pm on Friday.Bạn đang xem: Ocean edu times city


Per Credit: (Fall 2020) In-County residents: $155.50 Out of County residents: $173.50 Out of state residents: $250.00 Additional information on tuition.

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Find out the estimated price of attending OCC including cost of attendance, books, supplies, etc. minus whatever financial aid or scholarships you might have been awarded!

Apply for the FAFSA using’s school code of 002624.

Need Help with the FAFSA? Phone & Virtual Appointments are Now Offered by a Financial Aid Staff Member.

Check your status through the convenient self-service portal.

More information on Financial Aid

The County College Foundation’s online scholarship application allows students to automatically be matched with applicable scholarships. Apply today for FREE money!

Apply for the Fall Quick Term/L6 Citta Scholarship Today!

Visit’s new self-service portal to pay your bills online or view past bills. Our easy and secure site makes the process simple!

Set Up a Payment Plan by following the steps listed below:

Click on Student Finance and select Make a Payment Click the Payment link at the top Select Enroll Today Select Proceed to Processor

Sign up to receive your student refund electronically and don’t wait for a check to be mailed to you! Login to Connect and follow the steps below!

Self Service Bank Information Add an Account Refund Reimbursement & Payment Deposit Click on Next to enter Bank Information Agree to Terms and Conditions and Click on Submit.


Current students can use Student Planning to search for classes. Prospective students can search all semesters through the online course schedule.

New to OCC? You can register by completing this quick form today! Current students can register for classes by logging in to Connect and selecting Student Planning. All degree-seeking students must satisfy testing requirements prior to registration.

After the start of the semester, students can add and drop courses through Student Planning up until the Census date.

Please review the refund policy prior to making changes to your schedule.

After the census date, students can still withdraw from a course until the withdrawal deadline by selecting “Request Withdrawal” under the “Registration” menu on WebAdvisor. Students who withdraw will be responsible for 100% of their tuition and fees.

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Face to Face/Remote Courses

Online Courses

Current and Prospective Students can view course descriptions here.

Students who do not pay their bill in full will not be eligible for registration. Students can make a payment online or by calling 732-255-0482. For an explanation of other account holds, please contact The HUB.

Current and former students, as well as outside organizations, may seek enrollment or degree verification(s) through the National Student Clearinghouse. Current students have 24/7 access at no charge! Request an Academic Verification of Enrollment by logging to Connect > WebAdvisor > Academic Profile.

The Advising and Transfer Services Office can assist you with your class schedule, transfer options, career paths and more!

Schedule an in-person appointment or virtual advising session today!

Are you New to OCC? Fill out this New Student form for assistance with registering!


Current students can use Connect to view their unofficial transcript. Connect>Academics>Unofficial Transcript

Official transcripts can be ordered through the National Student Clearing house.

Current students can use Connect to view their grades through the Self Service portal.

Login to Connect > Self Service > Grades. Choose the semester for which you’re checking grades and click Submit!

Failing to maintain satisfactory academic progress will result in an academic penalty. These penalties are: Academic Warning, Academic Probation, Continued Probation, Academic Suspension. Returning after Academic Suspension- Academic Reinstatement. Having a GPA below 2.0 and/or withdrawing from 50% or more of your classes result in a penalty. Severity depends on other factors – more information

GPA is found by: (quality points of your grade) X (total course credits) = cumulative grade points for the course. Add up all courses cumulative grade points for each course and divide by your total number of credits to arrive at your GPA.

Grading System

GradeQuality PointsInterpretation
A 4.0 Excellent
B+ 3.5 Very Good
B 3.0 Good
C+ 2.5 Above Average
C 2.0 Average
D 1.0 Below Average
F 0.0 Failure
I 0.0 Incomplete


OCC has agreements with many institutions! Check out our Transfer Agreements to see what fits best for you or visit NJ Transfer for information on transfers within NJ. Transfer prep information

Student Planning allows students to plan and track progress towards degree completion. You can plan courses, register for classes and even see how your credits would fit into a different degree program!

Career Coach is designed to help you explore career options through a career assessment, as well as provide you with the most current local data on wages, employment, job postings, and associated education and training.

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You can also use the “View a New Program” option on the My Progress screen in Student Planning.

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