Poke Đại Chiến: Hướng Dẫn Cách Tăng Lực Chiến Nhanh

App NamePoke Đại Chiến
Lachạy thử Version 61.0.0
Mod infoUnlimited Gold, Diamond
UpdateApril 28, 2022 (3 weeks ago)

Poke Dai Chien Ađánh nhau is a strategy game with extremely interesting gameplay. As the name suggests, players will be immersed in great battles with extremely powerful boss khủng squads. Here, players will have sầu the opportunity to lớn reveal their natural thinking and calculation abilities through exciting matches. If you are a bạn of strategy games, this game is worth your while!

Introducing the game Poke Dai Chien


Pokedaichien is a game for players lớn become a trainer and train excellent pets lớn arrange into the battle squad. In the system, there will be regular battles such as Champion League, Inter-Server Fighting, ... lớn compete for the championship. You need to bring your squad to participate to lớn receive sầu many attractive sầu prizes.

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Rich missions, many attractive sầu copies

The game allows players to experience a variety of different missions. From pet training, squad selection lớn tactical choices to fight in competitions. In particular, in the game there are many copies containing many attractive sầu treasures. Players can join and sweep these clones lớn gather resources for their battle squad.

Diverse Pet collection, không tính phí lớn collect


As each màn chơi increases, the pets will be unlocked in turn. Players can freely collect into their battle squad. Each Pet will possess unique fighting skills and appearance. Players can choose & combine together to lớn create the strongest squad.

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In the "Pet Research Institute" feature, players will see the strength indicators of their Pets. Through training and enriching them daily, these stats will gradually be upgraded. And of course, their power also increased accordingly.

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Unique, sharp 3 chiều effect


The most attractive point of this game lies in the extremely unique built 3D graphics effects. Never "touched" with any game. Designed with a dark xanh background lớn highlight the Pets with their super xinh tươi và colorful appearance. The graphical interface of the game will certainly not disappoint you.

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