If something reinforces an idea or opinion, it provides more proof or support for it & makes it seem true:

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Building codes in California required that steel rods be used lớn reinforce cinder-bloông chồng construction.

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reinforce the message/idea/view that The huge tư vấn given lớn big business by politicians has reinforced the message that the pursuit of wealth is the only thing that matters.
Nonetheless, ratios of post-harvest weights to pre-harvest weights reinforced the view that weight fluctuations were not uniformly large.
Furthermore, earlier marriage reinforces this trkết thúc, because graduates will be spending a greater proportion of their childbearing years in marriage.
The restriction of fingerprint collection khổng lồ people already suspected of a crime reinforced the tendency to rely upon punishment rather than effective sầu state investigation.
The impact that patenting has on research is enhanced và reinforced by an additional range of factors.
I would say that it is creating this environment that reinforces empirical research in so many different ways.
They both joined religious associations that re-created và reinforced the intimacy of an imagined but bygone village community.
The iconography of fresco decorations in the same halls bears out & reinforces the difference of emphasis.
However, what is reinforced by these data, is the very low percentage of flies in the total trapped population that bore pollinaria.
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(especially of music, etc.) reduced lớn its simplest size, with only the most basic & essential features

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