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This research project became one of the main endeavors within the neurosciences in the first decades of the twentieth century.
Until recently, locating research or useful practical advice about multilingualism and language learning was a very time-consuming endeavor.
Any statistical test would involve at least 10 executions of a similar procedure - a costly endeavor.
As this article has endeavored to demonstrate, these often enigmatic and incomplete sources may contain traces of earlier historical layers.
But understanding such distinctions is the reason why ethics requires intellectual endeavor, rather than emotional response.
The volume sets the settlements as an idealist endeavor suppor ted by a patron who did not have explicit exploitative intentions.
The topic prompted divergent individual responses rather than a convergent collective endeavor, even among the supporters of the interests of natural science.
These endeavors helped to define the contours of post-colonial scholarship, a field whose concerns may be ar ticulated somewhat differently in different disciplines.
The multiple local public spheres and newspapers and periodicals of the time played a crucial role in this endeavor.
Others were mentioned only to enhance that power, defining political relationships, genealogical rights to rulership, and successful military endeavors.
Widespread acknowledgment of the importance of this principle has generated extensive national and international endeavors to expand treatment programs.
In science, as in all our endeavors, there is no reason to give up the ideals of openness, tolerance, freedom, and pluralism.
Effacing borders helps to promote medicine"s universalistic claims and also endorses humanitarian goals when political conflicts might interfere with public health endeavors.

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But the practice of science and the cultural environment in which it flourished presented formidable obstacles to the realization of this endeavor.
Pascal proves that none of these endeavors carry their purpose in themselves, but point beyond themselves into infinity; all are therefore contradictory.
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