Cách Dùng Từ ” Myriad Là Gì, Câu Ví Dụ,Định Nghĩa Và Cách Sử Dụng Củamyriad

A:Note, in daily life, we don”t say myriad. Myriad is not a very daily expression.You can say many instead of myriad.There were a myriad of problems with the system. – There were many problems with the system

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A:“He had a myriad of responses.” “She wants a myriad of cars.” “There is a myriad of blades of grass in the field.”
A:They mean the same thing. Myriad is more formal. So you’ll see it more it books or formal events.Example: “There are a multitude of flavors to choose from.” (informal setting)Example: “As you see, we have arranged a myriad of delicacies to be enjoyed at your leisure.” (very formal)

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A: I like this question because I learned the word “myriad” and I used it a lot to impress my English teacher in the past.a myriad is defined as”a very great or indefinitely great number of persons or things.”It implies two things1. It is A LOT, not just many, but A LOT, A LOT すごく多いです2. it usually has many variety, of many different kindsSo if we”re talking between a lot and a myriad, the difference is clear ya?a lot is like 100% same as manymyriad can be 200-1000% more than many (don”t take the number seriously, it”s just a figure of speech)”lots of” refers to different groups of indiphunutiepthi.vndual “a lot”I have a lot of Mercedes, I also have a lot of Ferrari, I also happen to have a lot of Honda and Toyota cars. Therefore I have lots of cars.”myriads of” works in the same way. It means you have many group of indiphunutiepthi.vndual “a myriad of.”I hope my example is 分かりやすいです。頑張って!
A:Numerous simply means a great number, while myriad can mean countless, or infinite.Note that in ancient/classical times, myriad meant a unit of soldiers consisting of 10,000 indiphunutiepthi.vnduals.

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A:“Myriad” usually means there are many, many options, while “variety” is less emphatic. If there are so many that you can”t count, myriad is likely more appropriate. “There is a myriad of languages spoken across the world.” or”There are myriad languages spoken across the world.” (myriad can be either a noun or an adjective)”The cafeteria has a variety of options.” You usually wouldn”t say a cafeteria/restaurant has a myriad of options, unless they have far more than a usual place and you want to emphasize that it”s a really large number.

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