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Would you please tphunutiepthi.vn me what it means lớn say "to lớn get on board" in the following sentence?

Nothing gets the organization on board quicker than clearly demonstrating the real impact of value pricing.



When someone gets onboard a ship, they are agreeing to lớn go on the voyage with the rest of the crew. So, by analogy, when we say that people are "on board" when they agree khổng lồ go participate in any adventure or enterprise. Just as getting on board a ship mean that you agree to go where the ship is going and lớn support the rest of the crew in meeting the perils of the journey, so "getting on board" with a project means that you agree lớn the direction and promise to lớn help.

Absolutely. Some people got whacked on the back of the head và woke up on their way to nước Australia. People get press ganged on board in the corporate world today as wphunutiepthi.vn. Some, on the other hand, are eager to lớn get on board. The phrase, both in its origins và its modern usage seems to cover both the happy volunteer and the reluctant conscript. –user10365 Aug 24 "16 at 19:52
To get someone on board here means to lớn get someone"s co-operation or support.

So the example sentence means

Clearly demonstrating the real impact of value pricing is the most effective sầu way to ensure support from the organization.

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get on board,

is a some what informal phrase that means; To agree with a course of action or opinion. urban dictionary top description

"It"s a new approach & we want everyone to get on board và make it happen."

A similar phrase would be;

"It"s a new approach & we want everyone to lớn jump in & make it happen."


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